Have fun at PetExpo 2017!

Animal lovers and families with children are invited to visit the beloved International Pet Industry Fair “PetExpo 2017” in Ķīpsala on 18 and 19 March. Exciting demonstrations, intense competitions, rare and even newly created breeds of dogs and cats, as well as many other pets!

“It has now become a tradition that the season of animal exhibitions is opened by the largest animal fair to be held in the spring – “PetExpo”. It includes dog and cat shows, as well as exciting competitions of wit for dogs, it provides the opportunity to view various pets in one place and offers the possibility for the whole family to have a great time together,” Vija Klučniece, President of the Latvian Cynological Federation (LKF), explains.

Outstanding and obedient dogs
During each day of the fair, approximately 1,600 dogs will compete for the title of the best canine, and there will be a total of more than 3,000 pups from 14 countries. Most of them will be from Latvia, however, there will also be a lot of dogs from Finland, Russia and Estonia. There will even be pooches from Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic, and India will be represented for the first time! Over the two days of the fair, visitors will be able to see 231 different breeds – including such rare ones as Saluki (also known as the Persian Greyhound) and the Japanese Fighting Dog Tosa. Besides, there will be several newly created breeds – Barbado da Terceira, Bohemian Shepherd and others who still have a lot of recognition procedures to go through.

The most intense competition for the crown of the best representative of a breed is expected to take place among Labradors and Golden Retrievers. There will also be many Schnauzers, Basenji, Bernese Mountain Dogs, English Cocker Spaniels and French Bulldogs. Even such a rare breed as the Coton de Tuléar, which has only one registered representative in Latvia, will be on display at the fair in great numbers!

In addition to the competitions, both days will be filled with spectacular dog obedience shows, exciting demonstrations of various sports, circus studio performances, interesting performances of various breeds and other entertaining events. Moreover, this year’s “PetExpo” will also include demonstrations of coursing elements for the first time – dogs will compete in strength and speed, while chasing artificial lure! The complete programme of events will be published in the near future on the homepage of the fair: www.petexpo.lv

Riga Mayor’s Cup
On Sunday, 19 March, the best dogs of Latvia will be given awards for their accomplishments at fairs in 2016. Awards will be also presented to the best breeders and new handlers. Moreover, a certain tradition will be restored at this year’s fair – a dog living in Latvia and having achieved the most success at this fair will be awarded the Riga Mayor’s Cup. The cup will be presented to the winner by the Mayor of Riga – Nils Ušakovs!

Noble and beautiful cats
Cat lovers will have the chance to view exciting competitions, which will include more than 400 cats, representing 26 different breeds. Among them will be the rare Turkish Angora cats, Burmillas and Birman cats, whereas the beloved and large Maine Coons will be represented in especially large numbers. Visitors of the fair will be able to view specialist examinations of cats and listen to the experts talk about various breeds, as well as every cat in particular.

Besides, on Saturday, 18 March, the Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs” will mark its 30th anniversary and will acknowledge the best breeders, as well as the most active participants of the fair.

Small pets
A Guinea pig, parrot or ferret may also be one’s cherished friend. That is why dogs and cats will not be the only pets on display at the fair – there will also be a goat with its yeanling, a sheep with black lambs, rabbits, hamsters, pet rats, degu, coypu, ferrets, cane toads and many more!

A pet requires a lot of responsibility!
“PetExpo 2017” is the right place where you may acquire information on a pet you wish to purchase – you will have the possibility to receive consultations on the peculiarities of specific breeds, suggestions regarding their keeping and nursing, and find out whether they suit you and your lifestyle. Each person and family is unique, therefore the decision on purchasing a pet cannot be made on impulse. It is forbidden to sell puppies and kittens at the fair, however, all visitors will have a chance to talk to specialists of clubs of various dog breeds, as well as cat breeders, in order to receive answers to the questions they are interested in the most and choose a pet.

Pet supplies for great prices
In addition to the dogs, cats and other pets, the fair will also have an extensive exhibition of goods and services of the zoo industry. Visitors will have the chance to purchase various animal foods and vitamins, animal care sets, cages, as well as various accessories and toys for great prices. Moreover, all those interested will have the opportunity to receive professional advice regarding the selection of animal food, as well as tips for improving the health of one’s pet.

Bring your children with you!

Come to “PetExpo 2017” with your children, as they will not only be able to meet various animals of different sizes, but also have fun on the attractions of “LGK atrakcijas”, as well as play large floor games – “Riču Raču”, “Circus” and others! More information: www.petexpo.lv

“PetExpo” is organised by the international exhibition company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Cynological Federation and Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”. Sponsors of the dog show – “EUKANUBA”, sponsor of the cat show – “ROYAL CANIN”.

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Venue and time of the event:
18 and 19 March from 10.00 to 18.00 at the International Exhibition Centre Ķīpsala

Bear in mind!
If you wish to visit the fair with your dog and the dog is not taking part in the fair, you will need to present its veterinary certificate, as well as go through a veterinary check, before purchasing the ticket at Gate 11 of the Exhibition Centre.

Adults – EUR 5.50
Seniors, disabled persons, students – EUR 4.00
Children from the age of 5 to 18 – EUR 3.00
Children up to the age 4 – free of charge!
Family ticket – EUR 13.00
(2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children;
additional children – EUR 1.50 for each child)
Parking – EUR 4.00

You may already purchase the tickets online: