Discover, try out and choose at the fair “Skola 2017”!

Extensive information on studying opportunities in Latvia and abroad, consultations with teaching staff and students, “trying on” of professions, a date with a career consultant and various exciting activities – all of this and much more awaits the curious young people of Latvia at the Education Fair “Skola 2017”, which will take place in Ķīpsala from 24 to 26 February.

“Choosing the most suitable profession and educational establishment is a responsible decision for any young person. That is why the fair “Skola” is an excellent assistant for finding out more information about the chosen direction of studies or profession and for selecting the most suitable educational establishment. Young people are specially encouraged to visit the insightful event,” Valts Jirgensons, Manager of the fair “Skola” indicates, and he adds: “Nevertheless, adults will also be able to find various courses, seminars, language-learning camps and other educational possibilities for themselves and their children.”

More than 140 participants will be offering possibilities of higher and secondary education in Latvia, USA, Belarus, France, Estonia, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Moldova, Germany and other countries at the fair “Skola 2017”. The participants will provide information on admission rules, state-funded study places, exchange study and internship possibilities, as well as extracurricular activities.

Australia will be represented at the fair for the first time. Selonia Education Australia will offer educational opportunities of various levels, starting with English language courses, professional education, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, and will share with real studying experiences in the far-away continent, as well as provide information on student visa requirements and other formalities.

The fair will be participated by most of the state universities and private universities, and there will be many representatives of professional education competence centres – colleges, technical schools and professional secondary schools, as well as learning centres, language courses, distance education and e-studies that will present several hundred educational programmes and training courses in various sectors. There will also be various novelties, including the first study programme in Latvia to specialise in mobile app development – “Computer Systems”. It is offered by the Cēsis branch of the Riga Technical University. More about the offer of participants here:www.bt1.lv/skola

Try on different professions!

Do you wish to become a journalist, a guide, a doctor, an architect, a confectioner or someone else? Come to the fair and try it out! If you are considering the possibility of becoming a dentist, do not miss the exclusive possibility to try filling a dental cavity with filling material and a UV light at the stand of Riga Stradiņš University! If the dentist’s profession will be of interest to you, current RSU students will tell you more about other study methods of dentistry. However, maybe you wish to feel what it’s like to be soldier?! Go ahead! Such an opportunity will be provided bythe National Defence Academy of Latvia, which will not only provide information on the possibilities to study at the academy, but also test your shooting skills.

A date with a career consultant!
If you have yet to decide who you want to become, it will be useful to have a date with a career consultant, which will be offered by the State Education Development Agency at its stand. Those interested will be able to receive useful tips on education possibilities during the short talk.

Try out the latest learning technologies!

Can studying mathematics, doing laboratory work and acquiring the laws of science be turned into an exciting adventure? Of course it can! It will be possible to see how during the entertaining chemistry show on 24 February at 13:30 and 14:30 at the stand of the company “Saint-Tech”. Teachers and headmasters are especially welcome, in order to get to know the latest technologies for natural sciences classrooms.

In turn, the company “Tomega” will provide students and teachers with the possibility to try out interactive displays, a 3D scanner, 3D printers and a 3D pen – technologies that make the studying process more interesting.

Get to know far-away lands and learn a foreign language!
You may also learn foreign languages if your school years are long behind you! Learning languages will be even more fun if you will combine it with recreational trips abroad. For example, “Meridian Group” will be offering the popular group trips to the United Kingdom and Malta, as well as new trips to Canada and the popular Portuguese sea resort city – Algarve.

But before choosing to study in Latvia or abroad, see you at “Skola 2017” in the end of February! More information on the fair: www.bt1.lv/skola

Ķīpsala will host the International Book and Publishers Exhibition “Latvian Book Fair 2017” at the same time. More information: www.bt1.lv/bt1/lbf

The fairs are organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Opening hours of “Skola 2017”:
24–25 February 10:00–18:00
26 February 10:00–17:00

Ticket prices:

Adults – EUR 5.00
Pupils, students, teachers, pensioners – EUR 4.00
Groups (10+) – EUR 3.00
It will be possible to visit the “Latvian Book Fair 2017” free of charge with a ticket to the fair “Skola 2017”!

Parking – EUR 3.00
Bus parking – EUR 7.00