We invite you to meet the author of “The Usefulness of the Useless” – Nuccio Ordine!

Make use of the possibility to meet Nuccio Ordine on 24 February at 12:00,
as he will arrive on a short visit to Latvia and will take part in the cultural programme of the “Latvian Book Fair 2017”.

It is not true that something is useful only if it brings profit. Mercantile democracies withhold knowledge that is considered to be “useless”, however, turns out to be surprisingly useful.

Nuccio Ordine (1958) is a literary scientist, philosopher, professor at the University of Calabria, one of one of the world’s top experts on Renaissance literature who regularly lectures at the most prominent universities of France, England and the USA, and has received a wide range of prizes and honours (including the Order of the French Legion of Honour). His books have been translated into nearly twenty languages.

Through the reflections of great philosophers and famous writers, the author demonstrates how the obsession with the cult of utility and profit end up by withering the spirit, thus jeopardizing not only schools and universities, art, and creativity, but also fundamental values such as human dignity, love, and truth.

His work was inspired by an essay written by Abraham Flexner, the prominent reformer of the medical and educational system of the USA and Canada, which reminds us that the usefulness of the useless is also taught to us by natural science and that the unselfish and seemingly useless are nearly the only possibilities of homo sapiens to make the mankind more human.

Nuccio Ordine’s manifesto and Flexner’s essay will certainly provide valuable food for thought to Latvian readers.

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