The “Book Exchange Point” beloved by readers will be present at “Latvian Book Fair 2017”

As in previous years, the “Latvian Book Fair 2017”, taking place in Ķīpsala from 24 to 26 February, will include the “Book Exchange Point” for the delight of book lovers, at first having 3,000 books for the tastes of various readers.

The “Book Exchange Point” will serve as a great opportunity for finding new homes and new owners for books that have been read and maybe even reread multiple times, and are no longer needed to their owners. And it is not important whether they are books of poetry, crime novels, stories or memoirs, fiction, reference literature, children’s books or any other reading material – it will be possible to exchange already read books for unread ones at the “Book Exchange Point”.

Although we live in a time when everything one needs may be found on the Internet, a book that can be held with one’s hands is something different and perhaps more personal. It is not important, whether a book is new or old at the exchange point – what matters is that the book serves as a source of information, inspiration, motivation and good emotions.

Usually visitors of the fair display a lot of interest regarding the “Book Exchange Point” – there are people who take home a few books, but there are also those who gather bags of books with newly exchanged spiritual wealth. The exchange point also encourages the youngest readers to exchange with colourful preschool books and other types of children’s literature.

The starting capital for the “Book Exchange Point” has been prepared by the Repository Exchange Fund of Riga Central Library – approximately 3,000 books will be offered for exchange for readers with various tastes. The exchange point will be managed by the friendly workers of Riga Central Library.

For three days, from 24 to 26 February, the International Exhibition Centre Ķīpsala will host the most essential book event of the year – the International Book and Publishers Exhibition “Latvian Book Fair 2017”, where a diverse range of books will be offered by Latvian and foreign publishing houses. This year, the exhibition will offer an even more diverse cultural and entertainment programme for grown-ups and children – it will be possible to visit the “Big Stage”, “Cheerful Reading-Room” and the “Writer’s Living-Room” during all three days of the fair. More information on the fair: www.bt1.lv/bt1/lbf

“Latvian Book Fair 2017” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Publishers’ Association.

The Education Fair “Skola 2017” will be taking place in Ķīpsala at the same time, offering comprehensive information on the possibilities to study in Latvia and abroad. More information: www.bt1.lv/skola

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Opening hours of “Latvian Book Fair 2017”:

24–25 February 10:00–18:00
26 February 10:00–17:00

Ticket price: EUR 1.00
Pensioners and disabled people may enter free of charge by presenting an identification card.
Children under the age of 7 may enter the exhibition free of charge.
It will be possible to visit the “Latvian Book Fair 2017” free of charge with a ticket to the fair “Skola 2017”!

Parking – EUR 3.00