The hosts of Erots 2017 reveal how daring Latvians are

What is erotica? What do we need for good sex? Is the Kama Sutra useful? DJ Gustavito and event host Sigita Brazdauska, the hosts of Erots 2017, answer these and many more juicy questions. Erots 2017 in Ķīpsala already on 17 and 18 February. Don’t miss it!

Gustavito, what encouraged you to become the host of Erots 2017?
For several years, the festival’s pre-party was held at Coyote Fly, where I host and organise various events and play music. I have also visited Erots several times and thought it would be cool to host this type of event. I accepted the challenge without much thinking.

Sigita, you have hosted the festival several times, so there must be something that keeps you coming back for more…
I will be hosting Erots for the fifth time. I like the fun that happens backstage the most. (Gets lost in reverie and laughs.) Over the two nights, I have made friends with the festival stars, who are positive, fun and accommodating people. Many have the wrong impression of the artists at Erots. People think that they are corrupt, conceited and perverted, but that’s really not true! Many of them are family people and even Skype with their children before performing. That’s lovely! After getting to know them better, I often change the scenario I have written.

Is there a performance you are particularly looking forward to?

Sigita: Oh, yes! I can’t wait to meet the guys from MEN’$” (Male Empire Night out Show). They’re fantastic! Great dancers and even greater personalities. It’s awesome that we have our own boy band in Latvia with sexy bodies and perfect choreography – everything’s on point! The Chippendales pale in comparison!
Gustavito: I guess the Chippendales pale in comparison with me too then! (Laughs.) After all, I am now also a part of the MEN’$ show group, so, who knows, maybe my own will be the performance I am most looking forward to.

How did you go from deejaying to dancing in MEN’$?
G.: I was the DJ and host of the Coyote Fly Women’s Day event, where MEN’$ performed. Between their performances, I was entertaining and hyping up around 500 ladies, making them scream, put their hands in the air and participate in various activities. At one point I even ripped my T-shirt. MEN’$ manager Arvīds noticed it and asked me to join them as a DJ. At first, we added a little dancing to the repertoire, but they kept increasingly involving me with each event.

What do you think about erotica festivals?
G.: I haven’t been to other erotica festivals besides Erots, but I have visited erotic shows, for example, at nightclubs in the USA, Thailand, the Netherlands, France, and Russia. Some of them were very perverted and didn’t speak to me at all, but others were really seductive and enjoyable.
S.: I have been to the Love Parade in Germany. It was great – sophisticated outfits and interesting people. Erots is where people come to be entertained, watch shows and purchase something special for themselves and their significant other. There’s no room for prejudice!

But there’s still the stereotype that there is no sex in the Baltics…

S.: Latvians are not nearly that prude! (Strictly.) They’re rather polite and restrained. In comparison to Brits, we dare to flirt and sometimes kiss at most. Whereas, Brits dare to do anything – from behind, on all fours and so forth! At first, the audience at Erots is shy and worried about what others might think. But this is the perfect place to be oneself, let your imagination run wild and dare to do more than normally.
G.: Everything depends on the atmosphere, age and mentality. We might be shyer, stiffer and more reserved than others, but a suitable environment can do wonders.

Can you define what erotica is in the 21st century?

G.: Even in the 21st century erotica still retains its original definition, which can’t be imagined without affection, desire, sexiness, tastefulness and mystery.
S.: Erotica is something we distinctly feel yet cannot capture. It can’t be created, copied or controlled. It takes over and controls us instead, vanishing just as quickly.

What do we need for good sex?

G.: A couple of cocktails beforehand...
S.: Definitely the right mood.

Have you read the Kama Sutra?
S.: I haven’t had interest in it. But I can recommend the book The Woman’s Karma (by Inta Blūma – ed.) to every woman. It provides answers to all the questions that we, women, ask ourselves.
G.: I have only looked at the pictures.

Why would you recommend visiting the Erots 2017 festival?
S.: It’s a different type of leisure. A little unusual, but with a sweet taste that might even leave a spicy aftertaste for some…
G.: It’s the only erotica festival in the Baltics where one can watch erotic performances live, meet porn stars and even get their autographs. Some couples might be too shy to visit a sex shop in normal circumstances, but at the festival all timidity evaporates. It’s a great chance to receive a consultation, get familiar with the vast range of sex toys and choose the most suitable for oneself.


Sex on the beach or in a lift?
On the beach.
Gustavito: On the beach.
Morning or evening sex?
S.: Morning!
G.: Evening. (Laughs.)
Pastum, pastum, pietupies or Ak, tu mana ģeometriskā?
S.: Pastum, pastum, pietupies!
G.: Pastum, pastum!
Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie?
G.: Jolie.
S.: Jolie hands down!
Andris Bulis or Lauris Dzelzītis?
S.: Dzelzītis, of course!
G.: Nope, Bulis! (Both laugh.)
Cowgirl or doggie?
G.: Cowgirl. And doggie. (Laughs.)
Breasts or eyes?
G.: Breasts!!!
S.: Also breasts.

The Erots erotica festival is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. The event is supported by Cēsu alus, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Baltic Taxi, and Prieks Tūre. More about Erots 2017: www.erots.lv

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Tickets are already available online: http://erots.ticketforevent.com/lv/, as well as at Biļešu Serviss box offices in Latvia: www.bilesuserviss.lv, Lithuania: www.bilietupasaulis.lt and Estonia: www.piletilevi.ee.

Ticket price – EUR 15. In the anticipation of as well as during the sultry event, the tickets might become more expensive. Entry from the age of 18!

Erots 2017 opening hours:
17 February 18:00–3:00
18 February 18:00–3:00

Photo session in collaboration with SM-Studio, photographer Dmitrijs Makarovs and make-up artist Jeļena Dubakova.