Feel the magic of burlesque at “Erots 2017”!

This year’s festival will offer an unprecedented show – the playful burlesque. Estonian performers Affinity Starr and Miss Chrissy Kiss will dazzle the audience with bright costumes and various expressions of coquetry. Do not miss the captivating performances on 17 and 18 February in Ķīpsala! 

The 17th century burlesque is currently being reborn in a new, much more spicy form: gorgeous costumes combined with nudity, racy stories with playful jokes, as well as light coquetry with enticing charm and mesmerising sexuality. There is no need for words – the alluring body language speaks for itself.
“The burlesque show is brilliant, as it is possible to create one’s own world! I enjoy playing different roles in various styles, from classic Hollywood burlesque and rock and roll to neo-burlesque and heavy metal,” performer of “Erots 2017” Affinity Starr reveals.

The star of the festival discovered the magical world of burlesque six years ago, when she visited the Helsinki Burlesque festival with her husband, photographer Mats Õun: “I saw the many forms in which beauty may manifest itself and how diverse a burlesque show may be. I was instantly hypnotised!” She is currently one of the most popular burlesque performers in Estonia and possibly one of the most skillful tassel-twirling virtuosos in the Baltic states. The Estonian has mastered the art of seduction with such world class stars as Erochica Bamboo from Japan, Tigger! and Kitten N’ Lou from the US, Bettie Blackheart from Finland and others. 

In turn, the other performer, who is a full-time graphic designer, was “dragged” into the world of burlesque due to a completely ordinary dilemma, as she could not decide if she wanted to get ready for the beach season by going to the gym or not. Her friend looked up burlesque classes instead. “I was surprised that I had to do a slow and sensual dance instead of aerobics. But I fell in love straight away!” burlesque dancer Miss Chrissy Kiss, who has performed not only in Estonia but also Finland, Italy, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, explains. Besides, she, herself, is the author of several dazzling and naughty stage costumes. 

In addition to the impressive programme of shows, “Erots” will also offer the possibility to purchase various things for spicing up one’s love life: massage oils, lubricants, erotic lingerie, toys for adults, as well as erotic literature and films. Visitors of the festival will be engaged in various hot competitions, and they will have the possibility to get autographs of the most erotic stars, as well as acquire daring tattoos or new piercings. Find out more about the festival at: www.erots.lv

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The erotic festival “Erots 2017” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. The event is supported by “Cēsu alus” and “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga”.

Tickets are already available online: http://erots.ticketforevent.com/lv/, as well as at “Biļešu Serviss” selling points in Latvia: www.bilesuserviss.lv, Lithuania: www.bilietupasaulis.lt and Estonia: www.piletilevi.ee.

Ticket price – EUR 12. It is possible that the tickets will become more expensive as the “hot” event nears and also during it.

Entrance from the age of 18!

“Erots 2017” opening hours:
17 February 18.00–03.00
18 February 18.00–03.00