Latvian inventions at Environment and Energy 2016!

The electric bicycle BOA, a pneimobile, biofuel production technology, the electric scooter "Sentra" ? these are just some of Latvian inventions in the field of environmental technologies to be seen and tried out during “Environment and Energy 2016”, 13?16 October, at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre.

Combination of a recumbent bicycle and electric scooter
BOA is a combination of a recumbent bicycle and electric scooter. Riding the BOA, its driver is in a comfortable lying down on the back position that ensures a pleasant journey and improves aerodynamics. BOA weighs around 40 kg and speeds up to 50 kmph.

"You can recharge BOA’s battery, not only through a normal socket, but also pedalling a generator located in the front of the vehicle. Moreover, the energy generated by pedalling is delivered from the pedals to the rear wheel through wires instead of a traditional chain. With a single charge, you can travel about 50 km if your speed is 30 kmph, however pedalling you may cover twice this distance," told Fricis Kalvelis, a young inventor and the author of BOA.

BOA has a special compartment for luggage and even a space for a co-driver. Among other things, BOA won the first place and was recognized as the best invention created by young people at the International Invention and Innovation Exhibition MINOX 2016. Watch the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMpLHadOy60

Three-wheeled pneumobile
See at the fair a three-wheeled pneumobile designed and built by the students of Riga Technical University. The vehicle operates on a certain amount of compressed air that powers pneumatic cylinders and valves. The maximum speed of the pneumobile is 44 kmph and with a 10l pneumotank, it can cover 4.4 km distance. The vehicle has a two-speed manual transmission and two-circuit brakes ? front-wheel brakes with hydraulic actuators, the rear ? power brakes combined with a mechanical parking brake. Watch the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7zjL4D8MpU

Electric scooter "Sentra"
Visit the fair and try out the electric scooter “Sentra” created by Miervaldis Rozenbergs. "This is a scooter that is transformed into a transport device with an electric engine and batteries," author explained. With a single charge the electric scooter can go 44 km accelerating up to 26 kmph. Price per charge is 9.96 cents. It is 20?80 times lower compared to a petrol engine car. "Sentra" is environmentally friendly and does not pollute air.

Biofuel production technology from biomass
Although lignocellulosic biomass is seen as a future feedstock for biofuel production, its widespread use is hampered by complexity of processing and high production costs. Researchers Linda Mežule and Tālis Juhna offers solution to this problem. It is based on obtaining biofuels from lignocellulose-containing biomass, which is not used for human consumption, such as agricultural and wood waste, weeds, straw.

It is based on a simple biomass pre-processing, biological hydrolysis and special purification of produced fermentable sugars and concentration by membrane technology. Additional system ensuring enzyme recirculation has a positive impact. Technology can be adapted to both bioethanol and biobutanol production. Choosing environmentally friendly and as simple as possible solutions, it is possible to ensure that fermentation inhibiting compounds does not occur during the process and there is no need to use hazardous chemicals. System design provides for use of different biomass materials, without sorting them.

Bicycles from recycled materials
Give scrap a second life! It will live a new and exciting life! Gatis Kreicbergs from "Kreicbike" will showcase bicycles built from scrap and waste.

"You can make functional things from waste! Moreover, recycling is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, saves raw materials and the environment is not polluted with harmful substances. It means clean and beautiful environment, forests and yards free of bicycle wrecks,” says Gatis Kreicbergs.

From innovations to practical management tips
How to save electricity? How to insulate your house? How to choose the most energy-efficient heating system? Should I choose an electric car? Find answers to these and other topical issues at "Environment and Energy 2016", 13?16 October, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. Visiting the fair you will get information about energy efficiency, energy supply, environmental technology, infrastructural solutions and efficient use of renewable energy sources.

Special focus on eco-friendly means of transportation ? E-Mobility will showcase the Nissan Leaf, Nissn e-NV200, BMW i3, VW e-up! electric vehicles, electric bicycles from different manufacturers and charging stations. The exhibition is held by the Zero Emission Mobility Support Society in collaboration with the Road Traffic Safety Directorate.

“Environment and Energy 2016” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Parallel events at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre: the international building, refurbishment and interior design fair "House. Apartment 2016" and the international real estate business and investment fair "Realty & Investment 2016". A single ticket purchased entitles you to visit all fairs taking place at the exhibition centre!

Opening hours:
13–15 October 10.00–18.00
16 October 10.00–17.00

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