Preparation for the Exhibition “RIGA COMM 2016’’ in full Progress

On 20 and 21 October, at the international exhibition centre in Kipsala, the only IT Solution Fair in the Baltics “RIGA COMM 2016” will take place. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the newest digital solutions for companies of various fields, to receive professional consultations, to choose the most appropriate products and services for their businesses, to try various smart devices and to get ideas for future business development.

“Work at “RIGA COMM” is in full progress – we are preparing a diverse, interesting and useful event programme, as well as we are creating even closer cooperation with professional organisations of various fields. This year the exhibition will be even wider. To present the newest technologies, products and services in Riga, alongside already known companies, new IT companies from the Baltics and Scandinavia will take part in the exhibition,” reveals the organiser of “RIGA COMM” Andris Breške.

Exhibition news
For the first time the exhibition will be supplemented by the Area of Gadgets, matchmaking “Horizon 2020” and conference of the Internet of Things. Already now several smart devices and items have travelled to Riga, which will be displayed and made available for testing in the Area of Gadgets. “Kisha” – the first smart umbrella in the world, that warns you about expected rain and reminds you about it, if you happen to forget it, “Noke” – the smart lock from USA, “Anymote” – the remote control from USA for remote controlling of the smart devices at home, set of “FoboTire” sensors for controlling car tyre pressure – these are just a few of the smart devices that will be displayed and made available for testing at the exhibition. Currently several smart devices are being tested in the Creative Laboratory of Riga Technical University, before they will be displayed at the exhibition.

Application for “HORIZON 2020” Matchmaking of Latvia has begun, which for the first time will take place in the exhibition “RIGA COMM”. “HORIZON 2020” is a Research and Innovation programme of the European Commission, within which businessmen and innovative scientists from Europe meet to find new ideas and cooperation partners. We invite you to participate with the small and medium companies, universities and research centres, who are willing to get involved in any of the “HORIZON 2020” projects and are searching for cooperation partners. Applications are accepted till 12 October 2016: http://h2020riga.een.lv/ Matchmaking is organised by the Investments and Development Agency of Latvia within the European Business Support Network project.

Exhibition “RIGA COMM” in Kipsala will be the exact place, where the first conference of Internet of Things in the Baltics will take place. Internet connection, remote data processing and the existence of corresponding sensors allows any organisation to create smart device systems, with the help of which it is possible to produce and provide services much more effectively and with much better results. How does the Internet of Things change the daily lives of people, the company work, economy in cities or even the entire functioning of a state? What types of opportunities will the Internet of Things creates and create for businessmen? Examples, information and discussions – on 21 October in Kipsala! Content will be known to everyone, but will be 100% useful for professionals of various fields, for businessmen and for managers of local governments.

Solutions and consultations exactly for you!
Developers of digital solutions, devices and services, producers and representatives from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries will introduce the visitors to their offer and will consult and assist in choosing the most appropriate IT solutions for particular companies or projects. Visitors will be able to compare and assess computer programmes and solutions themselves, to meet IT and business professionals at the same place and to initiate negotiations on cooperation for the introduction of new successful products or services.

Also this year “RIGA COMM” will offer a Consultation Point for Small and Medium Companies in order to help small and medium companies in Latvia that represent various fields together in one place, and in a short period of time, receive suggestions prepared by various exhibition participants regarding a particular company, particular work requirement or problem, as well as to discuss these suggestions in person and to compare the approaches of various IT companies. Last year 80 companies applied for such an opportunity. To receive suggestions from exhibition participants, register your request on the exhibition home page by 30 September.

It is only a part of the wide exhibition offer! Taking into consideration the popularity of the Open Stage last year, also this year practical, useful and interesting presentations by experts will take place on it, as well as discussions between practical workers about technologies and business development. The content will be appropriate for businessmen, experts and IT professionals representing the whole spectrum of fields. Therefore follow the latest news from “RIGA COMM”!

If you are willing to apply for participation in the exhibition, contact the organiser of “RIGA COMM” Andris Breške.

On 20 October, for the third time already, simultaneously with the exhibition in Kipsala, the annual “RIGA COMM” conference of business innovations will also take place.

Exhibition “RIGA COMM” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. More about the exhibition: www.rigacomm.com

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Location: International Exhibition Centre in Kipsala

Opening hours:
20 October: 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.
21 October: 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.