Find your pet at “PetExpo 2016”!

Already on 19 and 20 March Ķīpsala will host the beloved pet and zoo industry fair “PetExpo 2016”, where one will be able to see dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, fancy rats, rabbits, chickens, parrots and many other lovely pets. Come to the fair with the whole family, because it will be a lot of fun for adults, as well as kids!

„Spring is the time when nature comes to life. Bleak winter is gone and our dogs, cats and other animals cannot wait for an opportunity to show off, as “PetExpo” is the first major pet show in 2016. Every visitor will find the most beautiful pet here, as best of the best dogs, cats, rabbits, baby goats and other animals are ready to appear in front of the audience,” told Vija Klučniece, the president of Latvian Cynological Federation (LKF), and added that, „The most patient visitors will certainly enjoy watching magnificent final shows to be held each day and cheer their favourites!” 

Thousands of man’s best friends
Approximately 1,600 pooches will be competing for the grand prize on each day of the exhibition, and there will be a total of more than 3,000 dogs from 16 different countries. Most of the dogs will be from Latvia and Finland, with a lot of them also coming from Russia, Estonia and Lithuania, and there will even be dogs from Italy and Korea. There will be 223 different dog breeds represented among the contestants – including rare breeds such as the Japanese Tosa, Ibizan Hound, Polish Hunting Dog, Spanish Greyhound, and the Lancashire Heeler. On Sunday, 20 March, awards will be handed out to the best Latvian dogs for their achievements at the fairs in 2015.

In addition to the competition, both days will be filled with impressive dog obedience demonstrations and agility relays, exciting demonstrations of various sports, circus studio performances, interesting shows of various breeds, fashion shows, as well as other entertaining events.

Cute little purrers
Cat lovers will also have the opportunity to see intense competitions, which will include more than 400 cats from six different countries. Among all of the noble ones it will be also possible to see rarities such as the gorgeous Sacred Birmans with their white “socks”, as well as the panther-like Bombay cats. The visitors of “PetExpo 2016” will have the opportunity to view specialist examinations of cats and listen to what the experts have to say. Altogether there will be 28 breeds of cats, including the best and most beautiful ones – on the first day of the fair, awards will be given out to the best cats of the Baltic region for their accomplishments in 2015, whereas on Saturday, 19 March, awards will be presented to the best exhibition cats of the Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”.

Choose your pet responsibly!
One cannot act on impulse when choosing a pet, therefore the fair will be waiting for those who are yet to own a pet, but are craving to have one. “PetExpo 2016” is the right place to receive more information about the pet that you want – about the peculiarities of the respective breed, about keeping and taking care of it, as well as about its suitability for you and your lifestyle. Visiting of the fair and talking to specialists may help you in making the right decision, as not all animals are suited to everyone – each person and each family is an individual case.

It is not allowed to sell puppies and kittens at the fair, but everyone will have the opportunity to talk to specialists of various dog breed clubs and cat breeders in order for you to be able to receive answers to the questions that interest you the most and find a pet that is most suitable for you.

Small pets
One person may want a dog, another might prefer a cat, but there are also others that like pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters or parrots the most. “PetExpo 2016” will also provide everyone with the opportunity to see many different rabbits, geese, ducks, parrots and other decorative birds, as well as guinea pigs, hamsters, fancy rats and many more. Maybe one of them will become your best friend!

It is almost mandatory to take your kids to this event, as they will not only have the opportunity to see many different animals, but will also be able to have fun at the “LGK” attractions that will be operating during the whole time of the fair, without any additional fees!

Zoo products for good prices
In addition to the dogs, cats and other pets there will also be a large exhibition of zoo industry products and services at the fair. Visitors will be able to purchase different animal foods, vitamins, animal care sets, cages, various accessories and toys for great prices. Moreover, all of those interested will be able to receive professional advice regarding the selection of animal food, as well as tips for improving the health of pets.

The “PetExpo” fair is organised by the international exhibition company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Cynological Federation and Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”. Sponsor of the dog shows – “EUKANUBA”, sponsor of the cat shows – “ROYAL CANIN”. More information at: www.petexpo.lv

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Venue and time of the fair:
19 and 20 March from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre.

Bear in mind!
If you wish to visit the fair together with your dog and the dog is not taking part in the fair, you will need to present its veterinary certificate, as well as go through a veterinary check, before purchasing the ticket at Gate 11 of the Exhibition Centre.

Adults – 5.50 EUR
Seniors, disabled persons, students – 4.00 EUR
Children from the age of 5 to 18 – 3.00 EUR
Children up to 4 – free of charge!
Family ticket – 12.50 EUR
(2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children;
additional children – 1.50 EUR for each child)
All attractions (inside) FREE OF CHARGE!
Parking – 3.00 EUR

It is already possible to purchase e-tickets on the internet: