How companies can spend less and earn more - the latest IT solutions in the exhibition Riga Comm 2015

Corporate management systems, cloud services, internet and digital marketing services, web and security solutions, mobile applications and other latest ICT solutions and services for business – all this will be available in one place in Ķīpsala on 23 and 24 October at the IT solutions fair RIGA COMM 2015.

More than 50 IT service providers and product developers from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland will introduce their offers, consult and assist in choosing the best IT solutions for particular companies or projects - starting with the latest technologies, ways to increase turnover of a company, to data protection tools, accounting, warehousing, production, finance and CRM software. Digital Marketing Group, IBM Latvia, E-pasaule, Smart Business Solutions, Visma and other companies will present various IT solutions during the exhibition.

"During the fair RIGA COMM many companies have found real IT solutions for their business. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small farm or a big construction company - IT solutions adjusted for the needs of a particular company ease daily work, enable to use resources in a more efficient manner, save time, store data more safely and optimise management of different processes. Nowadays implementation of IT solutions is a pre-condition for successful business development and growth of competitiveness, and tomorrow it will be of crucial importance for the existence of the business," emphasizes Andris Breške, RIGA COMM project manager.

SME Consultation Zone for the first time

For the first time the exhibition will include a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Consultation Zone available, no matter your companies economic sector, where in one place and free of charge, by registering in advance on the exhibition webpage www.rigacomm.com, you will be able to get valuable consultations with professionals from various IT companies regarding your challenges and needs.

"Upon organizing the SME Consultation Zone, we understand the problems and needs of companies more. Exhibitors and other professionals will help to solve them by offering efficient IT solutions," according to Breške. He adds: "I am confident that you will be able to find the most suitable solution for your particular needs during the exhibition, consulting with experienced industry professionals, and cooperation will be established between companies. Use the opportunity to be one step ahead by modernizing and making your processes more efficient!"

Kursors.lv Open Stage offers a unique agenda

In order for a company to operate successfully and grow, answers to many questions about the nearest future have to be found today. Soon sales assistants in stores will know the customers needs much better than the shoppers themselves, but how about your store? Are drones or unmanned aerial vehicles useful for architects, security guards, journalists, property managers, farmers and construction companies? How can you learn more with the help of the latest technologies? Finance technologies, retail and e-business localization, mobile workplace, virtual reality for business and much more. These are just few of the issues and subjects to be reviewed on the Kursors.lv open stage during the first day. Don’t miss the topic you are interested in, find the agenda here: www.rigacomm.com

Saturday, during the entire day the best Latvian experts, Google trainers and industry professionals Egils Boitmanis, Sergejs Volvenkins, Ieva Cimermane and Jānis Birģelis will offer insight into Google AdWords and Analytics, Google Display Network, YouTube, Mobile, Google Apps and e-mail marketing during the Digital workshops.

"This is a unique opportunity to obtain the latest information all in one place regarding the various aspects of digital marketing, and to gather information on the latest trends during the 45-minute workshops being held all day. Each visitor will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge on the practical daily use of digital tools and social networks in order to increase sales volumes of their companies, to see the use of new opportunities and improvements in digital marketing activities," according to Breške. He adds, "you’ll have an opportunity to attend these workshops, which are usually available for a separate price, free of charge, when you purchase tickets for the fair."

New ideas and innovative solutions – in the Startup Zone

Ideas, knowledge and skills are the most important items for technology start-ups to successfully grow. Therefore powerful ideas and innovative technologies and solutions will be offered by Vorty, Overly, TechHub Riga, the Lithuanian company BalticIn, and other participants. Vorty will offer digital locks, using a smart phone as a key, while Overly will present the first augmented reality platform in the Baltic States - the application making life more interesting and colourful. It is possible that you will find the most suitable solutions for improvement of your products or new ideas for product development.

The professionals of LTC and EEN-Latvija will help explain the possibilities of innovative business support, as well as offer international technology marketing services. Those interested will have an opportunity to prepare a technology, technology solution or client search application right there, in the exhibition. Others, who have developed an innovative product, process or service, will have the opportunity to prepare a technology offer for publishing in the largest European innovative technology database.

Interactive applications and games - in the Gaming Zone
Are you a video game enthusiast and are you interested in off-stage development and demonstrations of independent game developers? Then visit the creative and interactive Gaming Zone and try them! There will also be SIA Bool Games, promising an exclusive opportunity for visitors to be the first to try their self-developed game on the new Apple TV. The long awaited "apple" will now also work as a game console!

Have you thought about the use of interactive computer graphics and animation for business? Probably, when talking with the interactive solution developers during the exhibition, you will get new ideas for business!

Intellectual acupressure - during the business innovation conference
RIGA COMM Business Innovation Conference, which will take place during only one day – on 23 October, will gather top level managers and entrepreneurs, to be on a wave of innovations and get inspired. The focus of the conference is three topics of global news, which are almost unheard of by Latvian companies, but which will become very important in the coming three years – smart business environment, sharing economy and new generation employees and customers.

The conference speakers will include internationally recognized business leaders, including one of the most influential speakers in the world in 2014, inspirer of the leaders of Coca-Cola, IBM, Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa, the Swedish futurologist Magnus Lindkvist. Additional speakers will include - Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird Integration Technology, Martin Villig, Co-Founder of Taxify, Enn Metsar, General Manager of Uber in Estonia, Jānis Vanags, Vice President of Corporate Communications at airBaltic and other lecturers, who will share their business experience. The working language of the conference will be English. The number of tickets for the conference is limited. See the agenda: www.rigacomm.com

At the same time as RIGA COMM 2015 - the fourth International Photo and Imaging Fair and Forum Riga Photo Shop 2015, which is a meeting place for hundreds of professional photographers, amateurs and photo enthusiasts, will take place in the neighbouring hall. More: www.rigaphotoshow.lv

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International Exhibition Centre Kipsala

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23 October 10.00–18.00
24 October 10.00–17.00

Entry tickets: EUR 5.00