Triumph of Latvian Design at Design Isle 2015

The collection of wooden accessories "Armour", a stylish outdoor basin "Well," wireless microphone "Speech", a collection of masks crafted to meet Latvian traditions – these and many other works of emerging and already recognized Latvian designers will be presented at the Riga International Design Fair "Design Isle 2015 " to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 2–4 October.

Latvian Designers Society will showcase at "Design Isle 2015" the latest works of Latvian designers and present Design Award 2015, the highest and most prestigious recognition for design work in Latvia. Competition this year sees an impressive number of entries –172 works in seven competition categories. Competition entries will be judged by an international jury.

Get insight into the most interesting competition works!
The wireless microphone "Speech", a team work of Certes Technologies and a designer Charles Bušmanis – is a synthesis of modern design and advanced technology. More than 70 prototypes in three months were made to create the final product that is available in two colours and made of two materials – light oak / naturally anodized aluminium and dark walnut / dark anodized aluminium. Along with the gold-plated clip and mesh, all the details form a harmonious ensemble.

Santa Meikulāne’s interior design concept for the NelleUlla brand chocolate treasures or candy shop is entered in the category of interior design. The concept features modern and comfortable rooms and highlights the product – chocolate. All other details are just a natural backdrop for chocolate and point to its wild origin. Chocolate truffles are laid out in showcases as neatly as Swiss watches or diamonds.

Continuing to develop the line of stylish wooden accessories "Bug Wooden Accessories", Madara Lesīte, Dzintars Volmanis and Roberts Strautnieks present for the competition the jewellery collection "Armour". It was inspired by the motives of chivalry clothing. The collection evokes associations with impenetrable medieval armour made of wenge wood with silver details and includes a bracelet, earrings, purse, tie, cuff links and a tie pin.

Anna Fanigina offers perfect solution for those who can consume more than 0.5 l of water a day. Her water glass "Verba" inspires to drink more liquid, easily and consciously. The lightweight and fragile glass is made in glass blowing technique and decorated with an inscription in Latin "adbibere VERBA puro pectore" (Take in these words with a pure heart (Latin)).

Designers Aija Priede-Sietiņa and Daneks Sietiņš presented to the competition a transformable piece of furniture "SO:LO", designed to serve and grow with its owner. Its initial function is a baby changing table. When the child grows up, parents will be able to transform it into a kid’s table with a bench. It is also easily transformable into a desk for a young school age child. This three-in-one piece of furniture embodies the dreams of most parents!

It is noteworthy to mention Aurēlija Rancāne’ s collection “Masks” among other works entered into the Design Award 2015 Competition. Its idea is to build bridges between contemporary art and traditional values. The author strives to encourage her colleagues to take advantage of Latvian traditions and symbols, deeply rooted in our culture.

The name and works of the designer, architect and stage designer Didzis Jaunzems is already well known in Latvia. Didzis is taking part in the Design Award Competition for the third consecutive year, and this time with four works! Certainly worth of mentioning is his stage design for the Opening Concert of the XI Latvian Youth Song and Dance Festival, a team work with the architect Klinta Pickaine. Its artistic concept is based on overall festival idea of magic of letters and books and it also creates link with the new Latvian National Library – Glass Mountain. The stage is designed as a child pop-up book in which, when opened up, a stepping mountain comes out.

Elīna Kurakina, an emerging designer, has created for the competition an outdoor basin “Well”. Spending summer with her grandparents in countryside, she realized that a reliable and robust washing basin in the garden is an indispensable thing! There are fruits and vegetables, hands to wash after gardening. Water to the basin is supplied through hose from a faucet or water main, and it runs off on the ground.

Dāvis Vilcāns’ cover design for the album “7 Steps of Fresh Air” by Brainstorm is entered in the category of graphic design. The musicians talk about how hard is to find perfect balance in life. Balance at work, home, recreation. The cover design continues this theme playing with contrasts – city against forest, desert against ocean, air against rocks. Will Dāvis achieve the same success as the band? This is what we will find out on 3 October during the Design Award 2015 Ceremony at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre!

Reportedly, "Design Isle 2015" for the third time will bring together the most talented Baltic designers and connoisseurs of good design. Original and functional furniture, new interior and lighting solutions, graphic design, fashion, lifestyle products, creative workshops three days at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre!

Read more: www.designisle.lv or www.facebook.com/izstade.designisle!

“Design Isle 2015” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in conjoint with the Latvian Designers Society and Riga Technical University.