The “Design Isle 2015” fair will become the most sought-after destination by design enthusiasts in October

Between 2-4 October every admirer of good quality design will be heading to the Riga International Design Fair “Design Isle 2015”, which for the third time will gather together in Ķīpsala more than 190 designers from all over the Baltic States.

From the interactive and educational “Star Blanket”, which is designed for a better night’s sleep, to the hundred year-old wooden designer furniture - all of this and much more will be at “Design Isle 2015”.

“As with every other year, participants at “Design Isle 2015” will continue to surprise everyone for yet another year, and their work will confirm that creative thinking has no boundaries. At the fair visitors will have the chance to see ordinary, everyday items (such as the extremely popular incandescent lamp) that will have been subjected to extraordinary design applications, as well having the chance to become acquainted with many other innovative design solutions. Heading back home without having picked up a new design purchase will be almost impossible!”, proclaims Oskars Zaļkalniņš with some conviction, he being the “Design Isle 2015” project manager.

This year’s emphasis is bicycle design
As of 2015, a specific theme will receive focus at “Design Isle”, and this year’s main theme is bicycle design. Although we do not give it much attention on a daily basis, the most important aspect of every bicycle is its design, which is something that is worked on by a whole team of people. Everyone knows the saying that it’s not possible to invent a new bicycle, but that does not apply to design since there are a good number of opportunities for expression. This is why, this time, the fair’s main emphasis will be placed on bicycle design, and visitors will have the opportunity to assess the newest bicycle models that have been manufactured by “Ērenpreiss”, “Hopp”, “Krupis Vello”, and “Pegeout”.

Novelty - the featured window display contest
A featured window display in any shop without any decorations is like a sweet without its wrapper. In order to emphasise the significance of featured window display decorations in the stimulation of product sales for entrepreneurs and to provide an opportunity for future designers to express themselves, a featured window display contest will be organised for the first time at “Design Isle 2015”. During the contest, the advertising design specialists of the future from the Riga School of Arts and Crafts will have to show originality in the way they wrap “Ērenpreiss” bicycles in a featured window display by cooperating with their mentors. The winning team will be awarded the great opportunity of adding a truly challenging project to their portfolio, that of arranging the featured window display at the “Ērenpreiss” store.

Introducing Latvian designers
The exhibition of work that has been created by the laureates of the contest, “Annual Design Award 2015”, which was organised by the Latvian Designers’ Society will give visitors the opportunity to evaluate the creative abilities of Latvian designers. This year a record number of items have been entered into the contest, a total of 172 applications, which will allow visitors to acquaint themselves with the diversity of Latvian design. The exhibition will include the glass “Verba” that encourages drinking water, the “Runa” wireless microphone, play dishes, the “Brīvdomātājs” multifunctional table, a jewellery collection which drew its inspiration from motifs of the knightly period, and a lot more.

The diversity of Baltic design
The “Design Isle 2015” fair will have something special to offer for everyone, whether they have come to see smaller purchases such as elegant design plates, or whether they want the larger items such as original design furniture products. Offers by the participants will include extraordinary lamps, the currently-popular pallet furniture, interior items with Latvian traditional touches, original glass sinks, and even clothes made in one unit.

Anyone who loves exclusive items will be able to view decorative materials that allow one to play with light or texture in the interior, or wooden doors that are made out of wooden materials that are hundred or more years old.

Entrepreneurs who are thinking of implementing new and creative visual solutions, from logos, business cards, stickers, posters, applications and websites to the creation of a full volume visual identity, will also not be forgotten.

The fair is being organised by the international exhibition company, BT 1, and the Latvian Designers’ Society, with the support of Riga Technical University.

The International Furniture, Interiors and Lighting Design Fair “Baltic Furniture 2015”, will be held at the same time, in which the leading manufacturers and sellers from the Baltics will be presenting the newest collections in home and office furniture, a wide range of furniture accessories, modern lighting fixtures, and stylish interior objects. More information is available from: www.balticfurniture.lv.

Find out more at: www.designisle.lv or www.facebook.com/izstade.designisle!