Gastronomic Festival will delight gourmets all over Latvia!

Gastronomic Festival that for the fourth consecutive year opens up the International Food Fair "Riga Food" and delights all gourmets across Latvia, begins on 26 August. More than ten days nearly 60 restaurants, cafés, bars, pastry shops, bakeries and pizzerias will surprise clients with new dishes and special offers.

Gastronomic Festival will be held from 26 August to 6 September and will give an opportunity to taste lots of new dishes and enjoy unique flavour combinations. Among the participants there are both new and well-known enterprises – restaurants, cafés, bars, pastry shops, bakeries and pizzerias.

"Gastronomic Festival is a sign that autumn with all natural foods is coming soon. Our festival menu includes diversity of forest and garden products. We believe that products grown right here in our land are the most valuable for us," told Sintija Pusaudze, a sales manager of the restaurant “Upe” from Liepāja.

Participants offer a variety of dishes, so everyone will find something to indulge taste buds. The culture bar "Sapņi un kokteiļi" has developed three unusual cocktails and tasty snacks; "Skrīveru mājas saldējums" is going to offer a unique meal with excellently flavoured ice-cream with surprising taste combinations; the restaurant "Deviņi" offers tasting of genuinely Latvian foods; the restaurant “Liepaleja” of Jaunmoku Manor will serve a grandiose meal to put before a king. It is only a small part of the whole festival menu! Find more information in the festival website: www.gastrofest.lv

Latvian cities taking part in the Gastronomic Festival – Rīga, Liepāja, Sigulda, Mālpils, Dikļi, Mārupe, Ventspils, Jūrmala, Pūre, Skrunda, Rēzekne, Cēsis, Tukums, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Pilsrundāle, Skrīveri, Piņķi and Jaunpils. Each festival participant presents his unique offer at his own establishment thus giving an opportunity to enjoy the environment and hospitality as well as the touch of a chef, pastry chef or bartender’s talent. Let yourself be carried away!

"We are enormously happy that the beautiful manors and palaces of Latvia – Skrunda, Mālpils, Jaunmoku and Dikļi Manors, Jaunpils Castle and Rundāle Palace – are among this year participants. People will have an opportunity to enjoy special offers and beautiful architecture. The festival participants have invested a lot of work in their menus, and most of them will offer dishes made of home-grown seasonal products, thus supporting both local farmers and offering a meal from ecological products," told Māris Briedis, a project manager of the Gastronomic Festival.

The Gastronomic Festival is an opening event of the International Food Fair "Riga Food 2015" held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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