Children's Dance Ensemble "Teiksmiņa" 25th Anniversary Concert

Vibrant dance patterns, hearty smiles and amazing energy will fill the Ķīpsala Hall when the Children’s Dance Ensemble “Teiksmiņa” will celebrate its 25th Anniversary with the large-scale dance concert "On the Way to the Dance Festival" on June 20 beginning at 18.00. The concert will feature all generations of “Teiksma” dancers – children’s, teenage, youth and adult dance groups.

"This will not only be the 25th anniversary concert for “Teiksmiņa”, but also a head off to the XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival to take place in Riga, the capital of Latvia, in early July. Everyone is welcome – both dance connoisseurs and fans!" told Inga Pulmane, the art director of the Children's Dance Ensemble "Teiksmiņa".

In the first part of the concert 190 young dancers will perform popular favourite and new Latvian dances set by Jānis Ērglis, Jānis Purviņš, Iluta Mistre, Inga Pulmane and other choreographers. In the second part, "Teiksmiņa" will perform the choreographic sketches set by Agris Daņiļevičs for the Renārs Kaupers songs included in the programme of the School Youth Dance Festival concert in the "Daugava" Stadium. The second part of the concert will also feature performances of the youth and adult dance groups of the Folk Dance Ensemble “Teiksma”.

The Children's Dance Ensemble "Teiksmiņa" was founded in 1990 and today brings together about 200 children aged three to eighteen years. Several generations of dancers performing now in all age groups of “Teiksma” and other leading dance ensembles have been trained over two and a half decades. "Teiksmiņa" has won the hearts of spectators and gained recognition in Latvia and other countries representing the Latvian culture and rich heritage of dance at many international festivals. The “Teiksmiņa” repertoire includes ethnographic and scenic dances as well as variety of original choreographic compositions by contemporary authors.

Tickets are available at the "Biļešu paradīze" ticket offices throughout Latvia. Ticket prices range from EUR 5 to EUR 6.50.

Concert organiser: BT 1 Music