Aivis Ceriņš and Lelde Lietaviete to host “Habitus Baltija 2015”

"Habitus Baltija 2015" will be hosted by Lelde Lietaviete and Aivis Ceriņš, a stylish tandem of TV anchors. Although Latvian-designed clothing is part of their wardrobes, they still remember the time when they were wearing tights and jeans made in USSR.

"When I was a child, all people dressed alike! I can still vividly recall myself shopping in a marketplace. There was a man with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. He sold the hottest jeans, but the choice was quite narrow, so people in five parishes were wearing the same model of jeans," Aivis Ceriņš tells about his childhood in Mārsnēni parish.

“And when it happened to tear my favourite jeans, I did not buy a new pair but fixed motley patches,” Lelde added. When a child, I was a real street urchin wearing patched denim trousers. Another piece of clothing I still remember is drooping cotton stockings.”

How do they manage to look so great and stand out of the crowd today? "We are not afraid to take risks and try something new, we are open to experimentation. We are willing to try on clothes created by young fashion designers! And this is the reason, why it seemed so exciting to take up the role of the competition host,” Lelde explains.

Lelde and Aivis is also a couple in life, so they choose matching clothes and accessories to look and feel like a couple when going out together. As they think that shopping in supermarkets is quite exhausting, they prefer shopping online. "We try to buy clothing created only by Latvian fashion designers. We do really like such Latvian brands as "ZIB*" and "Skinny Latvian". I love "CooCulte", "Red Salt" and dresses by Katya Shekhurina and Zane Poriete," Lelde explains.

You will meet Lelde and Aivis on the “Habitus Baltija” stage on 17 April, but on other days, switch on the TV and choose the channel "Rīga TV 24” where Lelde hosts the programmes "Rīgas stila pavēlnieks" and "T?te-?-t?te ar Rīgu”. Aivis, by the way, is Mr Photo of Miss and Mister Latvia 2014 beauty pageant.

The Competition for Young Fashion Designers “Habitus Baltija 2015” takes place at Kipsala International Exhibition centre on 17 April. The competition will present 44 collections created by 46 young fashion designers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Croatia, Russia, Turkey and Belarus. Programme: http://ej.uz/sxt9

The competition is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in collaboration with the Art Academy of Latvia. "Habitus Baltija 2015" official car - "Renault", the official delicacy – "Skrīveru homemade ice cream", the official coffee – "CoffeInn", the official beverage – wine from Līgatne Winery. Supporters: Riga Tourism Development Bureau, the Goethe Institute, the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia, Mūsa Motors Riga, “Buržuja brokastis”, "Electra", Biruta Megele International School of Stylists, "Gosh", "Paul Mitchell", the model agency "Vacatio", "Travel & Right", "Rīga TV 24","Wolfstudio".

The competition is held simultaneously with the international textile industry fair "Baltic Fashion & Textile RIGA". Read more: http://ej.uz/7kmn

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