KungFu Dance “Gateway” – the Power of Kung Fu and the Beauty of Dance!

Kipsala Hall first presents to the Baltic audience an amazing kung fu and contemporary dance performance “Gateway” by the Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company from China beginning at 19.30 on 5 May.

"A brilliant, fascinating martial technique, precision refined to perfection combined with the beauty of dance – it is something yet unseen in the Baltics! None can remain indifferent," the choreographer Olga Žitluhina tells about the performance. „Gateway” is an attempt to interpret traditional culture in the light of contemporary arts in China.

12 young kung fu artists and dancers will show breathtaking and unique fighting technique mastered over years with an ultimate goal – enlightenment and self-development.

“Kung Fu Dance “Gateway” is devoid of language and culture barriers and tries to appeal to audiences emotionally. It does not have luxuriant stage design and glamorous costumes, instead, we try to present the best performance just with our active imagination, innovative spirit, simple and sincere expression and our national identity,” says Liu Lu, the artistic director and choreographer of the Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company.

Ancient traditions interpreted in the language of contemporary arts
Martial arts hold an honourable place in China. One the one hand, they are recognized as a traditional sport, on the other, as a valuable cultural heritage that has been preserved throughout the centuries. The Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company aims to preserve tradition and give a sense of continuity between the generations. The company’s performances are an attempt to interpret traditional culture in the light of contemporary arts in China.

The show “Gateway” impresses with its philosophical depth, physical endurance and the remarkable acrobatic skills of performers. It was inspired by Christopher Morley’s essay “On Doors”: “The opening and closing of doors are the most significant actions of
man's life. What a mystery lies in doors! No man knows what awaits him when he opens a door.”

Since its premiere in Beijing in 2013, “Gateway” won the love of audience in the US, Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, Cyprus and Slovakia. The company gave 11 performances in Israel and Cyprus in March this year.

Connection to the famous Kung Fu master Jackie Chan
Established in 2006 by the internationally renowned Kung fu star Jackie Chan, the Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company includes members from prestigious kung fu groups in China. To start this company its representative visited numerous Kung Fu schools and performance companies in China and selected over a dozen excellent boys who had learnt kung fu for five to ten years under difficult and harsh conditions. In 2007, these boys began training in artistic performance. They performed in such films as “Dragon Blade”, “The Karate Kid”, “Taichi 2” and in numerous productions and television galas. To turn martial artists into dancers the choreographers from the Beijing Dance Academy taught them basic ballet, folk and contemporary dance techniques.

Trained at Shaolin and Shenwu
“As people working in the culture and art field, we think that people can express their deepest ideas through shared physical expressions regardless of race, colour, nationality and political views,” Mrs Liu Lu explains.

The Dragon KungFu Contemporary Dance Company’s style combines traditional Chinese martial arts with contemporary dance techniques and combat practices influenced by Jackie Chan’s unique acrobatic fighting style. The company includes members from prestigious kung fu groups in China, such as Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Corps and Chinese Shenwu Cultural Communication Company.

The Kung Fu Dance “Gateway” will also be presented at the Embassy of Latgale “Gors” on May 4 at 17:00.

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