Ultima GTR - faster than Schumi’s Ferrari!

The Baltics’ biggest auto tuning show "Auto Exotica 2015", 10-12 April, will present a must-see car - the world’s quickest supercar Ultima GTR that is faster than Schumi’s Ferrari and considered to be a worthwhile rival to all expensive supercars.

The specifications of the UK-manufactured Ultima GTR are quite impressive: 700 hp, 995 kgs, 0-100 kmph in 2.6 seconds and a maximum speed of over 385 kmph. This is a racing bolide or formula performance, but the Ultima GTR is a sports car allowed on public roads. Moreover, it is available at quite a reasonable price - cheaper than the Ferrari FXX. If the Italian supercar costs nearly one and a half million euros, then the British Ultima is available for half of its rival’s price!

This car has established a series of verified records, for example, the fastest 0–160 kmph– 0 kmph time -9.4 seconds, beating such stars as the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg and Ferrari Enzo.

One of the car’s keys to success is its undeniably good weight and power ratio. However, it should be noted, that its owner, unlike the owners of many similar sports cars, can enjoy a large part of regular car equipment - air-conditioning, leather seats etc. Moreover, the manufacturers claim that the Ultima’s clearance allows passing over speed bumps and other obstacles usually making the use of any supercar more difficult on daily basis.

According to the manufacturers, one of its most impressive lap records - one minute and 9.9 seconds - was established by the Stig during the world famous BBC TV show "Top Gear". To a great surprise of Jeremy Clarkson and his team, it unexpectedly surpassed the far most expensive and adjusted for this track Ferrari FXX with Michael Schumacher behind the wheel. The Ferrari FXX lap time was one minute and 10.7 seconds. Find more information on the Ultima GTR in the manufacturer's website: www.ultimasports.co.uk

The International Motor Show “Auto 2015” is reportedly to be held from 10-12 April at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. “Auto Exotica 2015” is the most amazing and the loudest part of “Auto 2015”. Visitors are welcome to see and enjoy yet unseen tuning projects from across Europe! Read more: www.bt1.lv/auto

The International Motor Show „Auto 2015" is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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