Tarantulas and other arthropoda – first time in Kipsala!

Colourful, furry, scary and quick – these are tarantulas or bird-eating spiders for everyone to see at the pet exhibition PetExpo in Kipsala already this weekend – 21 and 22 March. The zoo of arthropoda will also display different cockroaches, scorpions, centipedes and praying mantis!

Bird-eating spiders, which may be as large as saucers, will be demonstrated by the zoo of arthropoda Insektariumas from Lithuania. Over the course of two exhibition days, the visitors of Kipsala will see not only spiders, but also different cockroaches, centipedes, scorpions and less scary stick-bugs and praying mantis.

Buy a baby bird-eating spider!
An instinct of a human being to raise somebody emerges sooner or later – a child for one, a rabbit or a spider for the other. This year, the visitors of the exhibition PetExpo will have a unique opportunity to choose and buy a baby bird-eating spider. The choice is remarkable – around 30 species. Beginners as well as experienced bird-eating spider owners will find a new friend there for a very competitive price. One of the most favourite of these pets is the Chilean rose tarantula (Grammostola rosea), but inexperienced spider lovers should choose a Brachypelma albopilosum spider. PetExpo 2015 will also offer its visitors the chance to buy terrariums and spider food necessary for growing these furry beauties.

Take a photo with one of the world's largest cockroaches!
The visitors of the exhibition will be able to take photos of all arthropods and the bravest ones will have the chance to hold some of them – the Madagascar hissing cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa), which are one of the biggest in the world, the Vietnamese Stick Insects (Medauroidea extradentata) and Sungaya inexpectata species stick-bugs. The one who is brave enough to hold these creatures is ready to own a spider!

Horned, colourful, furry and hungry!
The big bird-eating spiders have different characters – one may be aggressive and dangerous, the other slow and friendlier. The animal world has been always famous for its unspeakable beauty, colours and forms. Among spiders there are also species that stand out for their characteristics – the spiders of Western Africa Ceratogyrus marshalli have a horn on their chest and Avicularia versicolor spiders are famous for their bright colours. These are only some of the species that you will see at the exhibition PetExpo 2015!

By the way, the representatives of the zoo of arthropoda from Lithuania have mentioned that they will probably also visit Latvian schools after the exhibition PetExpo 2015 to show the diversity of arthropods and talk about them with children!

As previously announced, the International Exhibition Centre Kipsala will host the biggest and the most popular pet exhibition in the Baltic States – PetExpo 2015 on 21-22 March. Besides the professional cat and dog shows, the visitors will also be able to see the exposition of other pets and exotic animals and enjoy a wide choice of zoo industry goods and services. More: www.petexpo.lv

The International Pet and Zoo Industry Exhibition PetExpo 2015 is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Cynology Federation and the Latvian Felinology Association Felimurs. The dog exhibition sponsor – pet food EUKANUBA, general sponsor of the cat exhibition – ROYAL CANIN.

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