PetExpo 2015 focuses on diversity of pets!

Spring comes with good news for all those, who love their smallest brothers – the International Pet Industry Fair “PetExpo 2015” will be held from 21-22 March at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia. Families with children and everyone, who loves animals, are welcome to see hundreds of cats, dogs and other domestic animals, exotic pets and reptiles, and watch interesting shows and activities!
Cutest of the cutest dogs
Big and small, longhaired and wire-haired, vigilant watchdogs and hunting dogs, or simple companions and loyal friends of a family – “PetExpo 2015” will present that vast variety of dogs. Visitors will have an opportunity to see more than three thousand representatives of 210 breeds over the two event days. Among the participants, there will be the Schapendoes or Dutch Sheepdog and the Mallorquin Bulldog or Ca de Bou, and these mentioned are not the most exotic breeds at all! There you will see dogs from France, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia… all in all, from 14 different countries of the world. The dog lovers will have an opportunity to see not only the breeds not seen in Latvia, but also watch obedience shows, exponential appearances, different tricks and other activities. Moreover, at the end of each day “PetExpo 2015” will present a magnificent dog parade to determine best of the best representatives of each breed!

Meet the dogs that treat children!

“PetExpo” annually welcomes families with children. While parents get information on canistherapy, the youngest visitors will have an opportunity to cuddle and play with the most peace loving, benevolent and specially trained dogs of a canistherapy group or get fun and enjoy themselves in inflatable attractions open on both event days!

Best of the best cats
Those who love cats are welcome to Kipsala to see more than 300 cats from Latvia and other countries. “PetExpo 2015” will present 22 cat breeds including such rare and uncommon ones as the Kuril Bobtail, the Selkirk Rex and other representatives of the feline aristocracy. During the first day of the exhibition, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy the show of black cats, the show of longhaired and hairless cats, while on the second day – the show of the Burmese and Himalayan cats or Colour Points. Kittens and adult cats will compete for the title of winner in the rings on either of the event days and each day will end with the Best of the Best Competition for kittens, juniors and adult cats. This is the right place to choose a kitten and agree on its purchase!

Other pets and small domestic animals
A cat or a dog is not the only animals kept as pets; therefore, the visitors of “PetExpo 2015” are welcome to see many other domestic animals – big and small birds, fluffy or not so fluffy rabbits, rodents, diverse exotic animals, reptiles and insects. Some of these animals will be first shown at Kipsala! Organisers promise to unveil detailed information very soon!

Everything that is necessary for your pet’s health and wellbeing!
Apart of dog and cat shows, “PetExpo 2015” will offer an extensive exposition of the pet industry goods and services. Visitors will have an opportunity to buy a vast variety of pet food, food supplements, complete care sets, cages, accessories and toys, to get expert advice on pet food and health issues.

The photography exhibition “Across Continents”
“PetExpo 2015” will give to the visitors an unprecedented opportunity to see the photography exhibition “Across Continents” of Rita Kadiķe-Skadiņa, a member of the Latvia Union of Journalists, the International Federation of Journalists, the Latvian Society of Photography Artists and an international FCI expert. The exhibition will display her landscape and dog photographs.

The International Pet Industry Fair “PetExpo 2015” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in collaboration with the Cynological Federation of Latvia and the Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”. Sponsor of the dog show – EUKANUBA. General Sponsor of the cat show - ROYAL CANIN.

Read more: www.petexpo.lv
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Venue and opening hours:
Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, 21–22 March, 10.00?18.00

Children under 4 years of age – free entry!
Children aged 5-18 – EUR 3
Senior citizens, students – EUR 4
Full ticket – EUR 5.50
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children) – EUR 12.50
Indoor Attraction Park for children – FREE OF CHARGE!

Parking fee – EUR 3