Well-Known Specialists To Conduct Seminars at “Riga Photo Show 2014”!

Indriķis Stūrmanis, Gunārs Binde, Andrejs Zemdega, Oļegs Zernovs, Aleksandrs Grebņevs, Gatis Rozenfelds, Vladimirs Svetlovs, Žanna Dubska... These are only few of the recognised specialists in the photo and video field who will share their experience and disclose various professional secrets at the “Riga Photo Show 2014” fair from 14 until 16 November.

For the entire three days in two halls the well-known specialists will conduct seminars for both professionals and amateurs, as well as those just taking photos for their family album. Come, listen, and improve both your creative and technical skills!

Mr. Binde invites you to use long-forgotten object lenses
We constantly read on an everyday basis about new technologies and implementation of scientific achievements into simple household products. The grand old man of Latvian photography, Gunārs Binde, will talk about things and methods of taking photos which have been forgotten and are probably not known to many of us, but, nevertheless, are applicable also in this digital age. The “Application of the long-forgotten object lenses in modern digital photography” seminar will be held on Sunday, at 12:00.

Let beautiful photos of children be taken!
Photos of children are very significant in every family, as they will always serve as evidence of memory and will be looked at for years. Dads, moms and other interested persons: Canon invites you to a seminar, where it will provide useful advice and recommendations for obtaining beautiful and expressive child photos through your own efforts in various circumstances and situations. The seminar on 15 November at 13:00 will be conducted by Ilgvars Valters, the representative of the general sponsor of the fair, “IB Serviss - Canon Biznesa Centrs”.

How are nude photos of women made for magazines?

Have you noticed the stylish nude photos in magazines such as “Klubs”, “Playboy” and “FHM”? You certainly have! Toms Norde, the author of many of these photos, will conduct a seminar at “Riga Photo Show 2014” where he will disclose how these photos are made. Come to the seminar on Saturday at 16:00 and find out how Toms has arrived at that genre, how the photos are made, and what the preconditions are if you take photos for a magazine. You will also have the possibility to listen to interesting incidents from his daily work routine!

Discover the secrets of a commercial photo!
Photographer Gatis Rozenfelds, head the largest photo news agency in the Baltic states, “F64”, invites you to a seminar where he will disclose various tricks of making commercial photography. It will be possible to get to know the specifics of working with the client, preparing for the photo session, the course thereof and the follow-up work. The seminar will be held on Sunday, 16 November, at 11:00.

Not only photos, but also videos in the photo banks!
On 15 November at 14:00, Latvian photographer Andrejs Zemdega, who lives in Greece and works in one of the world’s largest photo banks, "iStockphoto", will conduct the seminar “Video and photo banks”. Find out how photo and video demand changes in the photo banks – what the clients want, why the user stays longer on a particular homepage and why Google loves a particular homepage more than others. In turn, on 16 November at 13:00 the photographer Dainis Dērics will share his experience and disclose the main prerequisites for successful operation of a photographer in the photo banks.

Meet the director of photography for the feature film “Year of Graduation” („Izlaiduma Gads”)!

The seminar on “How to choose the object lens for your movie?” conducted by Aleksandrs Grebņevs, the director of photography for the currently popular feature film “Year of Graduation”, will be “a real tasty bit” for video specialists. On Friday at 14:00 the director of photography will provide valuable advice for choosing the object lens, based not only on his vast experience in documentary movies, with the most well-known being “Family Affairs” („Ģimenes Lietas”), but also on experience in creating feature films and commercials.

Practical seminars regarding Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5
In addition, the lecturers of "Digital Guru" will conduct practical seminars for photographers in Ķīpsala. On 15 November at 10:00 Ivs Zenne invites you to the seminar on “The most significant and frequently used novelties for photographers in Adobe Photoshop CC in 2014” to improve your skills in working with this program. In turn, on 16 November at 10:00 Valdis Ošiņš will tell you about the specifics of workflow in the work of photographers of different genres when processing and organising images with Adobe Lightroom 5.

All about taking wedding photos
At 15:00 on the third or closing day of the fair the members of the Latvian Association of Wedding Photographers – photographers Artūrs Romanovskis and Kristīne Grīnvalde – will speak in great detail about the wedding photographer’s work. Kristīne will inform visitors of the seminar about the most significant aspects of the wedding photographer’s responsibility, when starting as a wedding photographer and taking photos of the wedding day, about delivery of quality product to the newlywed couple, as well as about the legal relationship. Artūrs, in his turn, will disclose the stages of the process for taking wedding photos – from the pre-wedding photo session until the ancient Latvian wedding rite, when the newlywed couple transfer their trophies to another couple to get married soon.

The participation fee comprises EUR 3.00 for each seminar. Those willing to attend several "Riga Photo Show 2014" seminars will be able to buy a multiday ticket at the International Exhibition Centre Ķīpsala for EUR 17.00. A more detailed programme of the seminars is available at: www.rigaphotoshow.lv

"Riga Photo Show" is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. More info at: www.rigaphotoshow.lv. Follow the news at: www.facebook.com/rigaphoto.show

Opening hours of “Riga Photo Show 2014”:

14 November 10:00–18:00
15 November 10:00–18:00
16 November 10:00–17:00