Minox Still Here in Latvia!

The significant for Latvia Minox products will be presented in the POLAP booth. It is a well-know fact that Minox was moved to Germany where it resumed production in 1948.

SIA Poligrāfijas Apgāds, which is widely known as POLAP, is one of the biggest wholesaler of printing, paper and photo materials supplies in Latvia and since 2011 the distributor of Minox distributor in the Baltic countries.

Currently, Minox is popular in the constantly growing and solvent bird-watcher and nature enthusiast market. Minox produces high quality binoculars and monoculars, which can be used in unsuitable weather conditions and at night. Minox optics is widely used among sailors and hunters, as well as for sports purposes.

Cameras with a motion sensor designed to capture wild animals or birds in a close up are especially popular among nature enthusiasts. These cameras are waterproof!

Minox still produces photographic cameras, including digital, designed as classic film cameras and very popular among style connoisseurs.

Minox also continues to produce the legendary spy cameras, which have become digital. You won’t surprise anybody with the size of a camera nowadays; therefore the legendary Minox camera is considered a style product.