Forthcoming the most important business and technology event in the Baltics “RIGA COMM 2014”!

On 14–15 November the 3rd International Information and Communication Technology Fair and Conference “RIGA COMM 2014” will take place at the International Exhibition Centre “Ķīpsala” where industry professionals, company managers and enthusiasts will be able to see the latest ICT offers and choose the most suitable solutions for their business.

More than 100 ICT companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Taiwan and China will participate in this year’s fair. It is expected that “RIGA COMM 2014” will gather more than 3000 ICT industry professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, solution providers and buyers from the Baltics, Scandinavia, Germany and CIS countries.

“Regardless of whether your company represents the metal working or food industry, “RIGA COMM 2014” will offer useful tools and the most progressive ICT solutions which will enable more productive management of the company and its everyday work processes. I am positive that after speaking with the participants of the fair and conference every entrepreneur will be inspired to launch a technology revolution of a larger or smaller scale in their company!” says Andris Breške, “RIGA COMM 2014” project manager.

From business management systems to unmanned aircraft in the IT Fair area
Just as our daily lives cannot be imagined without a mobile phone, the activity of modern companies, municipal institutions or organisations cannot be imagined without state-of-the-art information communication technologies. In the IT Fair area of the fair visitors will be able to see the latest ICT solutions and services for business: company management systems, cloud services, internet and digital marketing services, web solutions and mobile applications presented by Smart Business Solutions, Arcana Digital Group, CoMinder, ViaPro, Envirotech, PayTraq, Digital Marketing Group, Envirotech and other companies. Enthusiasts will have a chance to try what it is like to manage a company in a cloud, test the unmanned aircraft eBee and use Google Glass to browse the first adaptive website in Latvia!

Progressive solutions in the Startup area
Unique, innovative and progressive ideas and solutions for business will be presented by TechHub Riga, Classnote, Knoq, Wazombi Labs and other participants in the Startup area of the fair. E-commerce platform inSelly which helps Instagram users to simplify and systematise the commercial process, iBeacon which allows completely new strategies and mechanisms to be created for the promotion of products and services in the market, and the extended reality mobile application Furnny which makes home and office furnishing cheap and quick — this is merely a glimpse of what participants of the fair will offer.

Current IT vacancies and personnel selection opportunities in the IT Job Market area
New acquaintances and contacts, active discussions and information exchange — all of this will take place over the course of the two days in the fair area created especially for employers and those in search of employment — the IT Job Market area. It will be a great opportunity for job seekers to find out everything about the current vacancies in the IT industry and for employers to find the best IT specialists for their company. Moreover, future IT specialists will find out what a virtual internship is and what its advantages are.

Introduce your business to the world of 3D!
Is it possible to reduce product development and material costs while simplifying the manufacturing process? It is, if your company’s best friend is a 3D printer! At the stands of Mass Portal, Baltic3D, Kolenzo I, Fab Lab Riga, Overly and other participants in the Riga 3D Show area of the fair, entrepreneurs and other enthusiasts will discover the magical world of 3D: from 3D printing technologies to extended reality 3D objects.

Interactive technologies in the Gaming area
The Gaming area will be the most interactive area of the fair. Here the visitors will be able to watch demonstrations of independent games*, go behind the scenes of game development and their application in business, as well as test them under the guidance of developers. Whereas Baltic Orbis, Aspired and others will present the latest range of interactive solutions for home, office, outdoors, commercial and manufacturing premises such as mobile stands, humanoid and autonomous robots and interactive projections.

World-renowned technology greats will speak at the innovation conference!
The innovation and business conference “RIGA COMM 2014” will take place at “Ķīpsala” alongside the fair and give entrepreneurs a chance to learn how to put the latest technologies to good use in their business and try out gadgets never before seen in Latvia.

The inspirational and provocative business professional, innovation guru and author of several bestsellers Peter Fisk will reveal how companies can avoid being restrained by the rules, tune the market in their favour and become winners in the incredible new business world. Innovation and technology hacker Nick Sohnemann will share his experience regarding the use of modern technologies in business development and his work with Loreal, IBM, Audi, H&M and other brands. However the star of the conference will be the surprising human cyborg Neil Harbisson. He will reveal how the eyeborg, or the cybernetic eye, which he has developed together with fellow enthusiasts and which is permanently attached to his head, allows to turn a vision defect into an effect.

These speakers will be joined by representatives of Citrix, Accenture, WIN Partners and other innovative companies of the Baltics. See the conference programme and register for the conference here: www.rigacomm.com/lv/inovaciju-konference/

The conference is organised by International Exhibition Company BT 1 and the full-service event management company "iDEA HOUSE events".

The 3rd International Photo and Imaging Fair and Forum “Riga Photo Show 2014”, which gathers hundreds of photography professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts, will be held in the hall next to the conference. Find out more at: www.rigaphotoshow.lv

* A video game based on an original idea and an exciting story and which is developed by one or more independent developers.