“Habitus Baltija 2015” Presents the New Image Picture!

The International Competition for Young Fashion Designers “Habitus Baltija 2015” delivers a new image picture for your judgment, inspired by the Eiffel Tower – harmonious, symmetrical and so exquisite!

Model: Rainelda, Model Agency “Vacatio”
Photographer: Uldis Vilks, “Wolfstudio”
Make-up: Monta Vilka
Stylist: Džeina Rimša
Apparel: designer Vineta Afanasjeva, “Habitus Baltija 2014” participant
Photo session took place at “Spot Studios”.

The dark-haired model with an expressive look and femininity – Rainelda from the Model Agency “Vacatio” became the face of the image picture of “Habitus Baltija 2015”.

The apparel of the model was selected from numerous collections of the participants of “Habitus Baltija 2014”. Preference was given to the clothing created by Vineta Afanasjeva from the collection “The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower”. The author herself points out that the interpretation of the Eiffel Tower resulted in sophisticated apparel for out-of-the-ordinary occasions. According to the designer Vineta Afanasjeva, “The Eiffel Tower is peculiarly attractive and elegantly simple. Its iron frame reminds one of lovely delicate lace. It is fragile and fine, untamed and feminine.”

The fashion designer, stylist Džeina Rimša says: “I was creating the image of the model as an art object with a certain type of mysteriousness, subtle luxury and elegance, therefore we chose the apparel from the collection “The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower”. This apparel is peculiarly attractive and elegantly simple, artistic, with fine graphics and slight transparency. To add to the completed image, I found the appropriate accessories made by Latvian designers – exquisite jewellery from “Christiana Laure”, making the clothing even more fine, elegant, and the head accessory of “MODELLUSION”, which adds mysteriousness and an artistic note to the image”.

“Habitus Baltija” Project Manager Sanita Blomniece emphasises that the competition is a significant milestone and valuable contribution for the further career of new fashion designers, besides, it is an already proven value that works. There are many currently already well-known designers among the winners of the competition who hold a stable position in the world of fashion; for example, costume designer Triinu Pungits, fashion designer Triin Isak from Estonia, Latvian fashion designers Anita Altmane, Diāna Liepniece, Indra Miklāva, Agnese Narņicka, Sabīne Oga, Agnese Oleskāne, Reinis Ratnieks, etc.

Sanita Blomane says: ““Habitus Baltija” will already celebrate its 15th anniversary. In the course of its existence the competition has grown, gradually covering a larger region, and has also developed in terms of professionalism. We constantly raise the quality level, therefore we also think about the educational function. This year we have also included on the agenda the lectures and seminars devoted to the fashion theme ”. She also adds that the application of participants to the anniversary competition – “Habitus Baltija 2015” – will already start in October.

The International Competition for Young Fashion Designers “Habitus Baltija 2015” will be held on 16 and 17 April 2015 in Ķīpsala. The competition is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT1, in cooperation with the Latvian Academy of Arts. This year 55 young fashion designers from 12 countries have presented their creative accomplishments in the competition “Habitus Baltija 2014”.

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