Auto 2014 to present technology and musical surprises!

The tuning car show Auto Exotica to be held during the International Motor Show Auto 2014, 11?13 April, promises not only technology show-off but also musical performances of the famous Russian composer Yevgeny Kobilyanskiy, Andrey Melnikov (guitar), Yevgeny Shur (actor) and the band „Rock 5”.

Yevgeny Kobilyanskiy is a widely popular and well-known name in Russian pop music, a composer, musician and producer, and his first performance in Latvia is going to take place at Auto 2014. He has been working with such Russian showbiz stars as Grigory Leps, Alla Pugachova, Philipp Kirkorov, Valery Leontyev, Laima Vaikule etc, and launched several albums over recent years!

Moreover, the well-known guitar virtuoso Andrey Melnikov, the actor and musician, Yevgeny Shur and the band “Rock 5” will also take the stage at the tuning car show.

Artists will perform in the Intelligent Systems Corporation exposition area where visitors will also have an opportunity to become acquainted with the new Shine Expert, a revolutionary car wash and maintenance nanotechnology that cleans without water. This new technology removes all dirt and ensures body protection with applying additional varnish layer. Watch Shine Expert in operation in the Intelligent Systems Corporation stand!

On Saturday, 12 April, meet several dozens of bikers trying the new Shine Expert and cheering the artists ? Andrey Melnikov and the rock band “Rock 5”.

On Sunday, 13 April, Mercedes-Benz is going to show off the newest Premium class models, but Yevgeny Kobilyanskiy and Yevgeny Shur will entertain audiences with vocal performances. The programme hosted by DJ Oleg Sinyayev (SWH+).

The renowned Swedish car designer Eduard Gray, the author of racing cars, the outstanding Ferrari Curseive and Saab 93, has developed the concept, design of the Intelligent Systems Corporation stand and even clothing for staff. Eduard Gray speaks the language of modern design and presents some of his work at Auto 2014.

As reported earlier, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre presents the annual International Motor Show Auto 2014, 11–13 April that traditionally gathers masses of motoring enthusiasts and automotive professionals. Its most popular part is the auto tuning show Auto Exotica that presents to the widest audience tuning projects yet unseen in Latvia and capable to outshine even the world’s fastest production car – Bugatti Veyron!

Auto 2014 also includes the following thematic sections ¬– Auto for brand new cars and sport-utility vehicles, Transport Engineering for commercial vehicles and industrial machines, Auto Mechanics for garage equipment, tools and services. Read more: www.bt1.lv/auto

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