Best recipe for business success – Riga Food 2020!

From 9 to 12 September, the Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre will host the Baltic’s most important food industry event Riga Food 2020, which will offer ambitious international and domestic business exhibition, B2B events, master and food competitions, news presentations, educational seminars and masterclasses. Riga Food, by the way, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year!

For four days in Ķīpsala, professionals will have an opportunity to gain new business contacts and knowledge, to promote their business, while every gourmet will have a chance to indulge in gastronomic pleasures, to find some new ideas to add to their daily meals and to taste many new products.

More than 500 companies from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, the UK, Moldova, Estonia, India, Italy, Poland, Canada, Russia, China, Turkey, Germany, etc. will present their latest products and services at Riga Food 2020. The fair will feature, as usual, national stands of different countries as well. 

“Riga Food is an internationally recognized trade fair shown by the active participation of many foreign companies. For 25 years, entrepreneurs have been evaluating the fair and using it to develop their businesses: discussing collaboration, being acquainted with and presenting innovative ideas and new products, getting business contacts. I can assure you that Riga Food is the best recipe for your business success!” told Rolands Nežborts, a project manager of Riga Food.

Taste of Latvia’s regions

The colourful and gastronomic benefits of Latvia’s regions will be presented by local producers, small producers, small and medium-sized companies in the collective exhibition stands of Latgale, Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale and Riga Planning Region.

Versatile programme of events
Riga Food offers a versatile programme of events for both professionals and general public. Entertaining competitions, shows and tastings will be held all event days. The Riga Food 2020 official opening ceremony will take place at the conference room 3 at 11.00 on 9 September. On the first day of the exhibition, food producers and masters, the winners of the premium quality food competition will be awarded.

The exhibition will cover the achievements of all three Baltic countries in the food sector. A visit to the Innovation Stand will allow becoming familiar with the latest products and solutions in the food sector developed by entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers, while entrepreneurs and industry professionals are invited to participate in the international matchmaking event on 10 September.

In order to promote the development of packaging production and packaging design in line with the requirements of the European common market, to support the circulation of high-quality packaging in Latvia and to promote the development of environmentally friendly packaging, the Riga Food 2020 Packaging No. 1 Competition will be held. International panel of judges will determine the best packaging in different categories while the visitors of Riga Food 2020 will have an opportunity to vote for their favourites.

Flashback to Riga Food 2019
Last year, 700 companies from 37 countries presented their products and services at Riga Food. Among them 65% of the participants were producers, 30% were traders and wholesalers, while 3% were service providers. Riga Food 2019 had a record number of national expositions – 16 national stands. Within four days, the exhibition was attended by 38 900 professionals and stakeholders from 50 countries around the globe. 40% of overall attendance was foreign visitors.

Riga Food is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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